Friday, December 08, 2006

She lives!

A lot of things have happened since my last update. Some exciting. Some not so exciting. But I suppose that is a given taken the amount of time since my last update.

I like lists. So naturally I will post a few lists of the exciting things, and the less exciting things that have happened.


Got a lovely (though psycho) kitten
Got a job working in a bar at the Ashes
Went down to Adelaide
Ate oranges


Ate oranges

I have also been going for long walks. I find myself naturally attracted to the cemetary.

Lastly, seeing as I like photos. I will post one of the kitten Lizzey (sorry for the bad phone quality).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wonderful World

Wellity Wellity. I figured it was time for another blog entry. This blog entry will be about the wonders of tinned soup.

The wonders of tinned soup? you ask. Well yes. Firstly all tinned food is wonderful. As it is so fast and convenient. It always gives me a certain satisfaction being able to open a tin and having a meal all prepared to eat (plus heat of course, but whatever floats you boat). Also tinned soup is wonderful as its one of those magical meals that taste great, and are also uberly good for you.

That of course is what I thought about tinned soup yesterday afternoon. This was the afternoon that I was standing in the Woolworth's tinned soup section. Avidly looking at the wide variety of delicious tinned soup on offer. I however made a very grave mistake. I picked the soup that would forever change my opinions of tinned soup! A very grave mistake indeed.

I happened to take from the shelf a tin of Heinz Very Vegetable, Corn, Potato and Parsley soup. I like corn (especially creamed corn), I like potato and I like parsley. I had also previously tried this brand of soup so I didn’t think anything less of wonderful could come from the experience.

THE SOUP HAD A HORRIBLY BITTER AFTERTASTE. My life just might never be the same.

The end. I hope I have saved the rest of the populace from making my mistake, and forever ruining their great opinions of tinned soup.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My first post

Well seeing as a certain house mate has been bugging me for weeks to post my first blog post. I decided the time has come. Or to be more accurate the time has come for me to take actions to stop the annoyance of his questioning.

My journal will probably not be very exciting. I am not the best writer, and my life is not the most exciting. I will probably just put up trivialities on here (though of course I will try my hardest to make them sound interesting).

At the moment my world revolves around reading, spending my time on msn and procrastinating about study. I also like to take random photos such as this one of an uberly cool hobo.

I pray I don’t make all of you're heads explode with boredom.

Monday, July 31, 2006


One, Two, Three.